How to tie a tie

How to tie a tie

You can find here different instructions how to tie a tie correctly. The explantions are easy step-by-step explantions for different kinds of tieknots.

Depending on the collars of the shirts different knots have to been used. Also the color needs to be selected correctly.


Double tie knot

Windsor tie knot

Half Windsor tie knot

Manhattan knot

The Small knot Knoten

Atlantic tie knot

How to tie a tie.

How to tie a tie.

Pratt tie knot

The Kent tie knoten

Plattsburgh tie

Shelby tie knot

Saint Andrew tie knot

The Italien tie knot

The Persian tie knot

The Onasis tie knot

The Balthus tie knotKnot

The Hannoveraner tie knot

The Victoria Tie knot

The Cavendish tie knot

The Kelvin tie knot

The Grantchester tie knot

The Diagonalenrechts tie knot

The Eldredge tie knot

The Trinity tie knot

The Christensen tie knot

The Merowinger tie knot

The Nicky tie knotknoten

The Bow Tie


Depending on the collar of the shirt, the material and colour of the tie you can choose one way of the differen ways to tie a tie.

Mathematically there are 85 ways how to tie a tie which can be calculated by the formula of how to tie a necktie.